Klubb Elektro

Dramalogens kontor öppnar upp dörrarna för alla danssugna eller för er som gillar att bara lugnt digga med på klubben.
vi har bokat två akter till er så attenda och kom! ❤️🎛
19/4 kl. 19.00-22.00 (ish)
Fri entré
Baren kommer va öppen
Valon (SWE)
Ghotenburg based and resident dj for Nycto and Solid in ghotenburg .
Valon will offer a unique style of moody melodic techno where intriguing synth escapades that meets electronica beats .
Valon who normally plays in Sweden have also played internationally in clubs like KB18 , Culture Box in Copenhagen, where Dj’s like Oliver Koletzki Djuma Soundsystem Denis Horvat Nandu Dubfire Joris voorn and many more big names have played in .
Takahide Higuchi (JAPAN)
Better known as 食品まつり(Shokuhin Matsuri) a.k.a foodman, creates music that defies categorisations – and is one of the few artists that actually fit this overused description. There are traces of almost every electronic music genre, from juke, footwork, ambient, house, techno, to noise, but those elements are dissected and morphed together then driven to extreme without giving you a second to come up with a definitive genre. The noisy technicolour of these borderline versatile or schizophrenic collages is borne out of his experiments (or accidents) and has titillated, confused, and enchanted music obsessives far and wide.

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