Rock Paper Scissors

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Stone, scissors, bag - A musical for and with children.

The performance takes you on an exciting journey that begins in the Stone Age, crashes on to the Bronze Age to finally take the audience to the Iron Age - iron.

At the various stops, we will learn how life could take shape and how various innovations and advances simplified and changed people's everyday lives.

Lovely rhymes and songs mean that the children will never forget the time travel we make together.

6 rehearsals (full days) and two rehearsals on the stage for the performance.

Either you choose a class to work with this, but there is also the opportunity to involve the entire primary school (3 classes). 3-5 Drama scientists lead the work depending on how many classes participate.

It also includes an artistically creative part where the children together with the Dramalogers make a costume and scenography for the performance.

The countdown can begin. Sincerely, Dramalogen

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