Han Hon Hen!

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What happens when you deviate from the norm or feel that you do not fit in? Who is one then? How can we create a future equal society where each person can make their choices based on their person and not based on their gender?

"Han Hon Hen!" is a norm-critical workshop that examines how norms and gender roles affect our way of being. Through practical exercises, students are given the opportunity to explore themselves and their approach to prevailing norms. "Han Hon Hen!" is aimed at middle school and high school students and is led by Charlotte Libäck and Hampus Carlsson professionals at Dramalogen in Halmstad. Charlotte is a drama teacher and actress with several years of experience in drama pedagogical work and has also staged norm-critical children's performances. Hampus is an artist and actor as well as a well-known Halland queer profile who has played at several pride festivals around the country.

Duration of the workshop: 1,5 h
Maximum number of participants per workshop: 30 pcs
Room: classroom with free floor space
If interested, contact Charlotte at 0702-907785 or at charlotte@dramalogen.se

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