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Our view is that most children today only come into contact with music through a computer or TV screen, that music actually made by someone becomes very abstract. We want to give children today a chance to get close to music, experience music and above all create music. From writing a text to composing and recording the song, of course with our help. We believe that music is a universal language that can make people meet across most borders. Music can also help to create and strengthen identity and self-image.

During three 3-hour sessions + a release party, we take the children in a fun-filled process where we make songs, record the children in our portable studio and a finished CD will be the end result.

Creative School - Make your own song and record it.

Years 2 - 6

Pass 1 Introduction / inspiration

We listen to different kinds of music. Who likes what. What genes do you want to work in. Lotta and Peter play. Examples of what is verse / chorus and how to go about building a song.

Some start making music, others lyrics.

Pass 2 Repetition / production

We work in groups with respective songs.
The lyrics are written ready, the music is worked on further. Which instruments and beats should be included in each song. The groups rehearse their songs and musical performances.

Session 3 Recording, Final / Thieving Listening

We record everything that is to be recorded.
The groups continue to work with mixing / final production of their songs
We are also rehearsing a small stage performance. The children sing with their own song. We listen to the songs and the almost finished result.

Lotta and Peter finish filing the songs and pressing records for everyone.

Pass 4 Release Party - Evening (if appropriate)
The parents are invited. Maybe this can be combined with a parent meeting or

other nice. Salty sticks and mingle.

We repair quickly with the children
The children play their songs for the audience and sing (and play if someone plays). Success is a given.
Everyone gets a record.

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