Dramalogens mobile syjunta


We sew by hand in peace and quiet. We unwind with a needle in hand and create new life in the worn out
garment. We use natural materials (to avoid the spread of microplastics) and
discovers new textile properties. A little coffee and new acquaintances make the craft extra fun.

Where & when?

The Drama Lodge's mobile sewing unit will appear in different places and in different places
context throughout the fall. Keep an eye on Dramalogen's social media.
Hang on when you can!


We need to satisfy our everyday needs without compromising the future
generations' opportunities to satisfy theirs. We do this, among other things, by
consume both less & consciously. We regain lost knowledge ('reskilling'), that is
gathers expertise in how to manage everyday life without fossil energy for a sustainable future.

Butik Selected by Ella Wednesday, September 20, 13-15 p.m.
Ateljé Rektorsepditionen September 27, 17-20
Dramalogen em v 42
Eco-day at the library 28 October
Café Strandgatan 20 11-14 v 45