The drama scientists work with culture as a tool, and the solutions can be tailored or selected from our range.

Events and productions

Dramalogen's events include theater performances, dance, music, exhibitions, etc. that are created by Dramalogerna as free productions for institutions and open performances.


The field of drama is very broad, we work for and with schools, administration, workplaces, association life and our goal is greater communication, more voices must be heard. a workshop can mean making the invisible visible in precisely the processes that are difficult to grasp through conversation alone.


Are you going to arrange a dinner or kickoff or other event and need entertainment that is something out of the ordinary? At Dramalogen, we can help you make your event unforgettable through specially written sketches and music on themes that you desire. We can also offer music quizzes on given themes that really get the evening started. Get in touch with us and we will create magic together!

Art activities

The Dramalogen network has expertise in a number of art forms. We take assignments and do projects and workshops related to art, illustration, photography, design and architecture.

Integration project

"Dramalogen is a blender where good ingredients from around the world are mixed into a tasty cocktail"

Organizational development

Dramalogen Offers Courses and Continuing Education for business, administration, healthcare institutions as well as school and education.

Cultural entrepreneurship course

How do you survive as an artist when you come out into reality after completing your studies? How to apply for cultural support? How do you find people to interact with? In what ways can I use my skills except when creating my own works?

Next course in the spring of 2017. Application documents will come later.


Before the first meeting with us at Dramalogen, it is good to think about the following questions:

What budget do you have as a customer? Pricing is determined by how long the preparatory work (script and rehearsal) and how many are involved.

What relationship do you have as a customer to the target group?

What do you want the target group to do during the event? What do you want the opportunity to result in?

Will the opportunity be followed up? How?

What three key words permeate the opportunity?


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