Cut and scissors liked and thought about Dramalogen.

They have livestreamed over 250 hours of culture during the pandemic
In Svt Halland 12 January 2021

Ann finds the saviors in the need for creativity
In Radio Halland 23 December

Successful Cultural Marathon will probably not have a sequel
In Hallandsposten 28 September

Forest adventure with the right of public access as a theme
In Hallandsposten 22 September

Corona-safe drive-in festival in Halmstad created an audience of cars
In SVT News 21 September

Corona pandemic breeds interactive creation
Cultural news in P4

Culture marathon is changing
In Hallandsposten 13 September

Several investments in the city center this autumn
In Hallan's stores 5 September

Now the three-week marathon starts
In Hallandsposten 4 September

Summer breakfast with Maggan Ek and Peter Bengtsson
In Hallandsposten 28 July

Summer holiday morning for adults continues after 100 episodes
In Hallandsposten 15 July

She wants to create corona artwork with the help of Halmstad residents
In Hallandsposten 15 July

This year's Culture Night will be an infection-free cultural marathon
In Hallandsposten 23 June

Rolling orchestra should cheer up the elderly
In Hallandsposten 24 April

Community through livestream culture
In Hallandsposten 4 April

Livestreams culture to break corona isolation
In SVT Halland 25 March

Mello panel on radio
In P4 Halland 6 March 2020

Rebecca makes others sparkle on stage
In Hallands Affärer 20 Feb 2020

The friends about the grief after Marie
P1-morning 11 Dec 2019

Maggan remembers Marie
In P4 Halland 10 Dec 2019

More about Half 8 (pages 22-23)
In Magasin Laholm 18 Nov 2019

Mouse marauder cuts TV cables
In Hallandsposten 14 Nov 2019

Peter B.'s episode Half 8 with me
In Tv4Play 11 Nov 2019

About Peter B in Half 8 with me
In Hallandsposten 9 Nov 2019

Ann-Kristin about Dante
In P4 Halland 8 Nov 2019

New detective mystery at Svarta Örnshuset
In Hallandsposten 31 Oct 2019

About Eric Olsson's life on stage
In Hallandsposten 24 June 2019

National Day - Maggan Ek this year's keynote speaker
In Hallandsposten 5 June 2019

Erika second in ordvitsSM
In Hallandsposten 14 May 2019

KEV in Nyhetsmorgon
TV4 Nyhetsmorgon 11 May 2019

Relationship expert Johan Lindegrej interviewed by Rebecca Sellergren
In P4 Halland 8 March 2019.

Now the Drama Lodge is always open on Sundays
In Hallandsposten 6 March 2019.

Farmen Rasmus new song
In Hallandsposten 25 Feb.

P4 Halland - Habibiz on Valentine's Day
In P4 Halland 14 Feb 2019. 2h: 11min and 2h: 30min into the program

School children solve mystery at the Theater
In Hallandsposten 14 Feb 2019

P4 Halland from the premiere of Variabeln
In P4 Halland 12 Dec 2018

Johan Lindegren on Musikhjälpen
In Hallandsnytt 25 Nov 2018

Miikka Vourinen on Kulturhus for mental health and well-being. 
In P4 Halland 21 Nov 2018

Culture house for mental health and well-being.
In P4 Halland 20 Nov 2018

Portrait of Maggan Ek (pages 14-15)
In Magasin Laholm 19 nov

Praised children's show plays at Dramalogen.
In Hallandsposten 14 Nov 2018

Culture Night 2018.
In Hallandsposten 23 Sep 2018

Mushrooms create magical park.
In Hallandsposten 20 Sep 2018

Art from Belarus at the Dramalogen.
In Hallandsposten 18 Sep 2018

Time for a mysterious Culture Night in Halmstad.
In Hallandsposten 17 Sep 2018

Turnout is increasing but changing greatly.
In Hallandsposten 12 Sep 2018

Kulturfest wants to raise awareness of democracy.
In Hallandsposten 7 Sep 2018

Maggan Ek at the King's Dinner.
In Hallandsposten 5 July 2018

New attempt to increase turnout at Andersberg.
In Hallandsposten 1 June 2018

Nostalgia during a new event.
In Hallandsposten 26 May 2018

Time travel in the center during the day for the trade.
In Halland's business 4 May 2018

New premises a big boost for Dramalogen.
In Hallandsposten 21 April 2018

Österskan's centerpiece for this year's Culture Night.
In Hallandsposten 12 April 2018

Sweden's queens get their moment in the spotlight. 
In Hallandsposten 21 Feb 2018

The Fridge by Elsa Grave - Black but festive family drama. 
In Hallandsposten 1 Feb 2018

Serious and absurd in Gravepjäs
In Hallandsposten 8 Jan 2018

Illuminated theme at this year's Candle Festival
In Hallandsposten 3 Dec 2017

The candle party lights up at the Christmas signage
In Hallandsposten 30 Nov 2017

Multi-tasker who likes to be on stage
In Hallandsposten 10 Nov 2017

The drama lodge at the Book Fair
In Hallandsposten 30 Sep 2017

Linnea Ytterlid went to the final with film
In Hallandsposten 26 Sep 2017

Suzanne Åkerlund leaves politics
In Hallandsposten 13 Sep 2017

Speed ​​and humor in Queen play
In Hallandsposten 4 Sep 2017

Now the sailing party has started
In Hallandsposten 30 June 2017

Tall ship races inaugurated with words of peace
In Hallandsposten 29 June 2017

Several media have drawn attention to the opening of Dramalogen's free store:
SR Radio P4 Extra
Free Newspapers, June 21th, 2017
Dagens Handel, 16 June 2017, June 2, 2017
Hallandsposten, June 2, 2017
Halmstad 7 days, 30 May 2017

Hampus Carlsson 90s skidz
In Hallandsposten 10 May

Margareta Ek is pleased with the support from the Academy
In Hallandsposten 9 May

Theme week against violations will increase security
In Hallandsposten 21 April

Gertrud's spring intoxication became the activity of the year
In Hallandsposten 31 March

New cultural project to lift people with mental illness (page 16)
In 7 days 12 Oct.

Culture night a warm light in the dark
In Hallandsposten 1 Oct.

Absent friends have their say in Einar's Magazine
In Hallandsposten 10 July

Children created with plants
In Hallandsposten 7 July

Green fingers create something of their own
In Hallandsposten 16 June

Now "Väntrummet" plays in Halmstad and Laholm
In Hallandsposten 2 June

Full swing when the little "choir" sang
In Laholmstidning 28 May

The drama lodge is exhibiting at Gallery 70
In Hallandsposten 17 May

The drama lodge goes from project to permanent
In Hallandsposten 12 May

Halmstad invests
In Hallandsposten 11 May

A record number of artists participate in this year's spring salon
In Hallandsposten 18 March

Fled from Syria on foot - May now stay in Sweden
In Radio Halland 21 February

Pub show trio with tricky setback dinner
In Hallandsposten 18 February

About Dramalogen
In the local newspaper Halmstad 28 January

The waiting room
In Radio Halland 5 January

Halmstad is a successful cultural city
In Hallandsposten 31 December

Anna Lovdal sings songs by Edith Piaff
In Hallandsposten 29 October

Louis is going to Chicago and follow in the footsteps of the idols
In the local newspaper 3 October

Louis is taking courses in the United States
In Hallandsposten 1 October

Bicycles will help with the integration
In Radio Halland 4 September

Hello there Johan Ahlström
In Hallandsposten 4 September

A national day for everyone on the mountain
In Hallandsposten 4 June

New football tournament will get straw town residents and new arrivals to meet
In the local newspaper 2 June

Two world citizens on a journey
In Hallandsposten 28 May

A cart comes loaded - with sound
In the local newspaper 11 May

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