Organizational development

Dramalogen offers courses and continuing education for business, administration, health care institutions as well as school and education.


  • Treatment and service
  • Customer competence
  • Gender and equality
  • The equal treatment plan
  • Speaking in front of people, light rhetoric
  • To be a boss
  • Shoulder the leadership role
  • Difficult conversation
  • What happens online

Each seminar is preceded by a meeting with the client. On this occasion, we map the situation and sort out which issues feel most urgent. It is along this that Dramalogen develops the seminar's material.

The seminars usually require half a day, but of course this is adjustable to suit you best and can be held with us or where you have your conference.

Questions and more info and price examples:
Rebecca: 0708143203



Chiefs seminar for all care managers in Region Halland.
Skansliden's health center Varberg.
Duke knot health center Halmstad.
Söndrum care center Halmstad.
LGBT Certification Vårdcentral Särö.
Telephone response, the district nurses Halland Hospital.
Kungsbacka care center.
Public dental care Nyhem.
People's dental care Oskarström.



Home care administration management course and follow-up.
AF- Inspiration day for all managers.
UAF- Applying for a job training Youth power.
UAF- Moderators at Citizens' Dialogue at Andersberg.
UAF- Engage more. A project about dialogue and the importance of voting.


Region Halland a day with a focus on growth in Halland. The drama lodge emerges.
"Design of the cultural plan”- Halland Region and the National Theater.
Kulturförvaltningen # oskarström. A project that aims to make the town of Oskarström visible. This work will continue until the summer of 2015.
Figure exercises with the police authority Halland 10 days in the spring of 2014.
"Conference: Eradicate youth unemployment“The Social Democrats - Citizens' Service Andersberg.
Voice training for the telephone operators at City Hall - Halmstad municipality
How can you work with culture as a tool? - Cultural visits from Georgia
Halmstad the creative city? with Alfiero Zanotto - Erasmus University Rotterdam together with officials, politicians, artists and business at the Dramalogen.
Inspiration day for youth centers and Laholm.
The Cultural Administration's annual association meeting, politicians rob the culture committee presents its vision for Halmstad Kulturliv next term under the leadership of Dramalogen.
Gender equality seminar - The public works office
Participated in Engage more ahead of the Super Election Year.
At the 035 House. Treasure hunt in Halmstad.
Theater and Drama Seminar.
Flashmob Seminar.


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