What is Dramalogen?

Dramalogen is a network for you who have a business and the opportunity to invoice. Dramalogen is not an employment agency, but the grant that Dramalogen receives is divided between different activities for which individual Dramaloges can initiate, develop and invoice.
Most assignments and projects that are visible to the outside world, however, are orders from the municipality, region, associations and the business community that go directly to the various cultural creators that are under the Drama Lodge's umbrella.
Most Dramalogers are cultural entrepreneurs and have over the years built up their own clientele. Here is an opportunity for you who are at the beginning of your work as a culture creator to get acquainted with the experience that the network has. This can in a tangible and practical way act as an incubator for you.
The drama science is for cultural creators to be able to help and support each other with inspiration, knowledge and jobs. If you are a professional culture creator, you are welcome in Dramalogen's network.
You come too!

Listen, understand, change

The Dramalog was created to give cultural creators the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge to contribute to a better society but also to be able to survive on their art. This resulted in a municipal project that was started in 2013 in the municipality of Halmstad and which in 2016 became an ongoing activity in the municipality for free cultural creators. The Dramalog today functions both as a network and as an incubator in such a way that new cultural creators get a context and gain valuable knowledge from those who have been active for a longer time in the network. Today there are about 20 individual cultural companies that operate under the name Dramalogen. We have thus found a way for creative and artistic people to use their skills to create a society with greater understanding and social sustainability, you are also welcome to join the network.

How does Dramalogen work?

Dramalogen is an open network created for local or immigrant cultural creators to have a platform and springboard to work from in the municipality.

The Dramalogen receives an annual grant from Halmstad municipality and falls under the cultural administration. The grant covers operations management 1,5 service, premises, transport, technology and running expenses. In addition to this, there is project money. These must be used for inclusion, integration, increased understanding in society, strengthening of democracy - societal benefit through culture.

Drama scientists who are part of the network can use the resources after consultation with the business management.

The business management distributes and quality assures Dramalogen's project money via assignments that rhyme with Dramalogen's values ​​and goals.

Dramalogen is also a cultural incubator for cultural creators who want to become self-sufficient cultural entrepreneurs.

Each individual company at Dramalogen has its own network and clientele that can be shared with other Dramaloges if necessary.

The individual companies mainly work with their own operations in their own customer base. The drama lodge also functions as a network that gives the companies the opportunity to benefit from each other's experiences and knowledge, and also use the premises and other resources that are available.

You can come up with ideas, project applications or suggestions and can get help with writing applications and budgets.

Dramalogen performs activities based on municipal grants where community development and needs govern the supply, here Dramaloger receives assignments that rhyme with their competence and area of ​​activity.

All drama scientists work together under the motto; Listen, Understand, Change!

By listening and being aware of society's constant changes and needs, we gain an understanding of where we are needed and how we can help change situations and relationships. With us, the flexibility is great, the lead times are short and therefore we can direct efforts where they are needed.

The assignments have been varied and the imagination has always been challenged. During the almost 7 years Dramalogen has been active, Dramalogen and individual culture creators have performed over 1500 commissioned jobs for the public and private sector. By using culture as a tool, to illuminate topics or problems, we speak to more senses and can thus respond to and deepen discussions. For Dramalogen, culture is the universal language that can create meaning and participation.

In 2017, Dramalogen published a book like you digitally can browse here.
If you want your own completely analog ex, contact us!

Are you or your business interested in using our services and / or starting a collaboration with Dramalogen? Contact then Peter Bengtsson

Dramalogen's annual report 2019

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