Here you will find this week's schedule for Dramalogen's culture house



Dramalogen's culture house opened up a bit cautiously last week for activities on site at Dramalogen again, but we are limited to 8 people per activity, so if you want to participate, you must notify your supervisor so that we can keep track of the number of participants.

The art will start on June 30, and it will be Wednesdays 11-14 and Fridays 11-14, during the summer. If you want to join, get in touch with Karin Collin at karin.collin@hotmail.com

The ceramic groups are full so right now we can not bring in more there.

It is still important that we keep our distance when we are at the Dramalogen and that you stay at home if you have the slightest symptoms.
In the schedule below you will find e-mail addresses for the supervisors for the activities that are underway.

We can also announce that Café NyFiket on Bredgatan 3 opens and there is an opportunity to talk about social enterprises etc. The opening hours there are Monday - Thursday at 09 - 16 and Friday at 09 - 14.

Schedule week 24

Monday 21 / 6
13.00 - Ceramics at the Dramalogen, NOTE! Right now the group is full. Supervisor is modesty@dramalogen.se

Tuesday 22/6
13.00 - Photo - Today we meet at Dramalogen, if you come and get in touch roger@dramalogen.se or notify in the photo group's messenger chat.

Thursday - 24/6
13.00 Ceramics at Dramalogen, NOTE! Right now the group is full. Supervisor is modesty@dramalogen.se

Live broadcasts every week in Dramalogens Aula on Facebook

Peter and Maggan have invited you to their home in Ysby for a year and broadcast live every day, but now they broadcast on Thursdays and Sundays at 11.
On Fridays at 19 is it Friday talk with Peter and Maggan
Join the group and join!

Radio program Radiokakan

Broadcast on Mondays and Thursdays at 17.00 on Radiohalmstad and is also available as podd to listen to afterwards.

For questions contact: Maggan Ek on 070-606 19 69

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