Now we run Riffclub

At Dramalogen's culture house we play in bands. Welcome and join us! We produce songs we like together, rehearse and be inspired by our different experiences. Maybe you have your own written material or want to try writing your own songs? Here you can test them, get help to file on the finish and hear how they sound in full.

At Dramalogen's culture house, there are instruments to borrow. It's good if you know the basics of any instrument or singing. Here we are helped to move forward.

It's also fun if you work with music digitally, we like to explore playing to backgrounds.

At the culture house, there are instruments and partners who are involved in theater, film, art and movement.

If you like music and want to play or sing, check out Riffclub!

Here is the first Music Beyond All Borders music video featuring Dramalogen Mental Beauty Records Kukunori ry Scottish Recovery Network - SRN Musical Intervention. The World Needs You was written by Jeremiah Odums Brown and Adam Christoferson

This song features musicians from around the world collaborating to bring this inspiring song to new heights. Many individuals participating in this project would not typically have access to recording equipment if it was not for these organizations and their efforts.