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Dramalogen's language café is closing down for the time being due to the prevailing Covid-19 location.

1: If you feel sick, stay home from work
2: If your children are sick, keep them home from school.
3: Do not visit elderly relatives and friends who may become ill.
4: Be careful with all hygiene. Wash your hands often.
5: Keep a distance from other people.
6: Listen to radio and TV for info about Corona.
information is available at

1-أشكمممم،،،،،، ،،........

2 هل مفلك مريض ، أأأضضضإإ عإ .ع
3- The power supply of the power supply and the power supply to the power supply to the power supply.
4- The object of the creation and the end of the world.
5-on-a-turn on the airplane.
6- Do you have any plans to install the radio on the radio in the box ??