Drive in festival

Dramalogen's association goes drive in concert!

- line up -
13.00 Headons
14.00 Amanda Aasa
14.45 Hampus Carlsson
15.30 Miryu
16.15 Fågelvägen
17.15 Blomkattdansen
18.15 Honeyburst
19.15 Essa Cham + band
times, like everything else in life, can change a little.
just what it sounds like. get in your car with your friends, drive into a parking lot, park in front of a fat stage and listen to music from the car. how good does it not sound?
On Saturday, September 19, it happens, both live, and live-live. as the barrier for 50 people remains, there will be limited places, but the festival lasts all day, the idea is that you come and see one or a few acts and then you push on to your pre-party or supper at home and let others have a place. It is very important that you get in a car, it is in a fenced parking lot so the only way to get in is in a car.
In order for no one to miss anything, it will be broadcast live.
On site, of course, cute people will sell popcorn and other things you need on a drive in.
come it will be cool!
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