Rebecca Sellergren

RebSel Production

is my company where I mainly work as a conference and moderator.

Due to my affiliation with the Dramalogen network, it is part of my everyday life to work with clients who want creative seminars for their employees with culture as a tool, for example on themes such as hospitality, difficult conversations and other training, but also entertainment at conferences / other events.

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Excerpt from my CV:
Danske Bank- 2019. Moderator at the national conference in Örebro.
P4 Halland- 2018. Host on P4 Halland during the summer of 2018.
Halmstad University- 2017- today. Moderator at the interview series Innovation Jam at Hälsoteknikcentrum Halland every month.
GALAN-  2015- 2018. Halmstad's annual business gala where successful entrepreneurs are praised. Speakers 2015-2017. Content producer 2018.
Creative Seminars- Together with other cultural workers in the network Dramalogen, I have conducted a series of creative seminars where we deal with topics that need to be raised in a workplace. It can be anything from "bad mood" in the coffee room, high sickness rate or pure inspiration days.

I have also studied Project management and project work and organization and leadership at Halmstad University.

Voices about me:
“Rebecca Sellergren is a talented conference / moderator who has an energy beyond the ordinary. With her commitment, her curiosity and her warmth, she makes people both feel comfortable and seen on stage […] In the process leading up to the implementation, Rebecca is responsive and professional to work with. For Rebecca, it is very important to deliver a good end product and as a customer you feel this clearly. - Anna- Maria Spaniol, business developer HNAB, Halmstad Municipality.

I want to thank you both (me and my colleague Charlotte Ek Virack) for an inspiring meeting and peppery lecture! We had a really good day / evening and I think you have sown seeds in both the young people and the leaders. - Stina Nilsson, project manager Jönköping municipality.


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