Magnus Sjöbleke

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Magnus Sjöbleke

Visual artist

Employee in Gothenburg Non Stop

art teacher

Still image from the video Yet Another Gloomy Day With You

My name is Magnus Sjöbleke

Artist Statement:

Sculpture in combination with digital audio and video.

Identity and Society.

In my latest Exhibition Yet Another Gloomy Day With You I address issues of identity and society with video performance, and sculpture on Helmut Gallery in Leipzig

Still image from the video Yet Another Gloomy Day With You



I have a band. Toothpaste Gardener

I have arranged stage evenings and can be found on Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp with Toothpaste Gardener

Gothic Tower Own song with Toothpaste gardener: Link to Youtube

I Say Goodbye Own song with Toothpaste Gardener: Link to Youtube

Mixed Minds

In the autumn of 2019, I participated in Mixed Minds with the support of Art Inside Out, Region Halland, Västra Götalandsregionen and Kultur i väst.

The participants in Mixed minds 2019

Link to Video about Cultivation as a disturbance theme for mixed Minds 2019.



Harry Martinsson Society, Saljesällskapets and Olofström municipality's scholarships with stay in the Nobel Laureate Harry Martinssons school in Nebbeboda, Olofström municipality, I got in 2019.

Cultural journalist

I'm educated at Poppius Journalist School and has previously written reviews and cultural chronicles in Metro, HallandsPosten, Halland's news, Chemical Evening and SIC.

I have been an editor for and own art magazine

I'm just an employee of Gothenburg Nonstop and there I write about art, literature, music and chronicles.


Links to articles in Gothenburg Nonstop:


Art teacher

I have worked as an art educator at Mjellby Art Museum, Halland Art Museum, Rian Design Museum and Laholm Drawing Museum. Right now I'm Art gallery host in Hamnmagasinet, Varberg

Winter Solstice Oslo

Performance and Screen Printing / Installation on Winter Solstice 2017 and 2018 (art festival).

Winter solstice Oslo 2017

Watch the video Night walk, Winter solstice Oslo 2017

Winter Solstice: Poems to Orpheus Oslo

CV art 2020

Magnus Sjöbleke


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