Kevin Tullgren

Actor, artist, conferences and cultural consultant. Since the start of Dramalogen in 2013, I have had the opportunity to work with culture, in different constellations. I have worked with everything from children's theater to creative seminars for doctors. With a great social competence, flexibility and sense of humor, I take on the challenges that come.

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Excerpt from CV: 


  • How should I choose - a performance about our roles as girls and boys. A fun-filled play that describes how difficult it can be when those around you want a princess or a Zlatan.
  • AJ - a children's show about taking care of each other and that fiction and reality are different things.
  • From Damascus - an interpretation of August Strindbergs To Damascus. 


  • Founder and singer in the trio KEV - released the EP 'Chapter X' together with Universal Music and BMD w Friends.

Cultural consultant

  • Management seminars for all care managers in the Halland Region
  • Creative seminars with Tilma
  • LGBT Certification, Särö Health Center.


  • For the past five years, I have been at conferences for Halmstad's ball at Tylösand
  • Music live 2015
  • Ljusfesten 2014



Kevin Tullgren


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