Jonas Börjesson

Video Dept.

I work with analog and digital video art, as well as video installations. My video art is usually created completely analog and is based on color, shape, pattern, nostalgia and emotions. I also work with more traditional filmmaking, and have participated in many major Swedish film productions over the years. At the moment I am working on Lukas Moodysson's new TV series for HBO Nordic.

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I am educated in TV and film production at Sturegymnasiet and Gamlebys Folkhögskola, and have since 2010 freelanced as a Digital Imaging Technician on Swedish film productions such as "Bron", "Snabba Cash", "Dom över död man", "Hallå hallå", " Fjällbackamorden ”,“ Sune i Fjällen ”,“ Midnattssol ”,“ BORG ”and Lukas Moodysson's new TV series“ Gösta ”for HBO Nordic. When I'm not working on larger productions, I do a lot of video art, and have, among other things, exhibited several times at Hallands Konstförenings Vårsalong and received Halmstad Municipality's Cultural Scholarship for my advanced video art. Since 2013, I have also been one half of the duo Billy & Börje who arrange concerts at the restaurant Tillsammans in Halmstad, and who have received Hallandsposten's Kulturstipendium. In addition, I also run a record company called VÅRØ.

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