Johan Lindegren

I have been at Dramalogen since 2015 and have worked with everything from theater, film, music and integration. I love musicals and I have been to London many times and seen many different sets. I work and am the editor-in-chief of the magazine Variabeln.

I work at Dramalogen i.a. as an actor and has worked with Dramalogen's language café. I have been an actor in the theater group Stjärnan for many years and have participated in many productions with them. Has participated in and around the Funkismello Festival in Halmstad.

During the autumn, I will work as an editor at the magazine The variables, which addresses questions about how we should live together in society, I will do interviews and write reports and maybe also share with me some advice on what is fun in this life and what is good to eat.

CLICK HERE for a wonderful feature in a music project for Musikhjälpen I participated in.

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Johan Lindegren

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