Johan Ahlström

I work as an artist in the Halland region and since 2019 also in the Stockholm area. Since the spring of 2015, I have been part of Dramalogen's cultural entrepreneur network and worked with various artistic workshops and courses for new arrivals and school students; among other things in “Creative School project”. During the years 2016-2017, I ran together with drama teacher Charlotte Libäck "Dramalogen's Culture House", which was aimed at people suffering from mental illness.

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In recent years, the focus has been more on art exhibitions and art projects, including in collaboration with Halmstad Municipality and Region Halland.

I am educated in art and architecture and work with art pedagogical assignments in parallel with my own artistic activities which included sculpture, painting and installations.

I also take smaller architectural assignments and do building permit drawings, site analyzes, architectural illustrations, design assignments etc.

If you are interested in hiring me or want to know more about my work, you are welcome to contact me. The contact information can be found below.


CV and background



Free Art (Bachelor's Degree), c, Helsinki (2009-2011)

Lund School of Art and Design, Lund, (2007-2008)

Skrivarlinjen, Österlen Folk High School, Tomelilla, (2007)

Arkitekturprogrammet, KTH, Stockholm (2005-2007; degree LTH, Lund0 2012)

Free Art, Gotland Art School, Visby (2004-2005)


Appointments and positions of trust:

Own artistic activity (Illustration, art, architecture) (2013-)

Project manager for "Dramalogens Kulturhus" (2016-2018)

Course leader in workshops for “Creative School”, Region Halland (art, architecture) (2016-)

Course leader in workshops for DramalogenHalmstad (art, photography, arts and crafts) (2015-2019)

Circle leader ABF, Halmstad, (2015)

Course leader; Illustration course for the City Planning Office in Norrköping (2014)

Planning engineer at the City Planning Office in Norrköping (2012-2013)

Research Assistant, Department of Architecture and the Built Environment, Environmental Psychology (Autumn 2012)



"The dream about me", The Drawing Museum, Laholm (2018)

“Lgh 2302”, Galleri Hamnmagasinet, Varberg (2018)

Vårsalongen, Hallands Kulturhistoriska Museum, Varberg 2017

Spring Salon, Halland Art Museum, Halmstad 2016

Gallery 70, Halmstad 2015

Gallery Klo, Halmstad 2015

Land Arc, Kivik 2012

Kaikugalleria, Helsinki 2011

Liljevalchs spring salon 2010

Liljevalchs spring salon 2009


Art assignments:

Assistant assignment for artist Tova Mozard, Stockholm (2019)

Assistant assignment for artist Saadia Hussain, Stockholm (2019)

Art pedagogical assignment "The dream for me" for the Drawing Museum in Laholm, Laholm (2018)

Public design, Österskans, Halmstad Municipality, Halmstad (2018)

Public design, Östergårdsskolan, Halmstad Municipality, Halmstad (2018)

Sketch assignment for the design of the outdoor environment for Halland's New Art Museum, Halmstad (2017-2018)

Co-producer of the exhibition “Free Play”, Halmstad Art Gallery, Halmstad (2017)


Scholarships and appointments:

Nominated for FUISM's "Pedagogical Award of the Year 2019" by the Drawing Museum in Laholm (2019)

Art in Halland's Residence Scholarship (Oronsko, Center of Polish Sculpture) (2017)



Illustration assignment:

Illustrations for "The book about the Dramalogen", Halmstad Municipality Cultural Administration, Halmstad (2017)

Illustrations for the final entry in the Gothenburg Park and Nature Administration's competition “Gothenburg Green World 2016” (2015)

Söderköping Municipality (sub-consultant to Tyréns AB); Vision images for the Southern entrance to Söderköping (2015)

Katrineholm Fastighets AB (sub-consultant to Tyréns AB); Visualization of the residential area "Hästen" (2014)

Motala municipality (sub-consultant to Tyréns AB); Vision images for "Future Motala" (2014)

Eskilstuna municipality; Vision picture of future Eskilstuna (2013)

Torshälla municipality; Vision images for "Framtidens Torshälla - Målbild 2017" (2013)

Municipality of Norrköping; Vision images of planning area in Östra Ryssnäs (2013)

Vision images for planning area in the new Saltängen (2013)

Illustrations for the project "Vision industrial landscape" (2013)


Architect assignment:                                            

Analysis assignment for ArkDes, Halland (2017)

Drawing assignments on port development, Nordanskog, Arkösund (2015)

Drawing assignments at holiday homes in Älgenäs, Loftahammar (2014)

Analysis and planning assignment for the City Planning Office in Norrköping (2012)


Association involvement:

Studio ABC, Stockholm (2019-)

Dramalogen, Halmstad (2015-)

Experiment group, Halmstad (2018-2019)

Gallery 70, Halmstad (2015-2019)

Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad (KKV), Malmö (2008-2009)

Smorgasboard (art collective), Berlin (2005-2008)


Computer knowledge:                                          

Autocad, Archicad, Autodesk Revit, Rhinoceros, Maya, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, Ecotec, Office Package.



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