Charlotte Libäck

In my company, Chali, I work as a drama teacher, actor and multi-artist, I also do some costume assignments, usually in cardboard.

In addition, I have always collected a lot of material from nature and made various installations. I am very fascinated by things and materials that in some way have a lonely or dead aura around them, such as skeletal parts, shells or nests that have been abandoned. My works are represented at Gallery 70 in Halmstad for viewing.

If you are interested in seeing more or placing an order or perhaps collaborating in some way, feel free to get in touch! Feel free to check out my creations on instagram: charlakis

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2017- 2018 Textile recycling, Löftedalen Folk High School, Åsa
2012-2013 Pedagogical drama, Malmö University
2006-2008 Teaterlinjen, Fridhem Folk High School, Svalöv

Previous experience in selection:

2018 - ongoing Cultural Administration Halmstad municipality, cultural producer
2018 - Art ws for children in connection with the exhibition "Bauhaus Situationisterna" at Mjellby Art Museum, drama teacher and artist
2018 - Sago-ws for primary school at Eldsbergaskolan, drama teacher

2018 - "Health on equal terms", commercial for Region Halland's health survey, actors
2018 - Dramalogens Kulturhus goes Historieätarna, collaborative project with Halmstad Handelsförening, project manager
2018 - "Han Hon Hen", nine norm examiners - ws for middle school, drama teacher
2017 - The candle party in Halmstad, artistic installation in the form of hanging jellyfish, artist
2017 - DöBra, research project on death in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet and KUF Halmstad, cultural producer
2017 Teater Psykos, theater for people with mental illness, collaborative project with ABF Halmstad, project manager
2017 "Han Hon Hen", six norm-examining ws at Östergård- and Brunnsåkerskolan, drama teacher
2017 "Queer up" in Kungsbacka, norm-examiner-ws with high school at Frillesåsskolan, drama teacher
2017 Greek dramas, dramatization of Greek stories at Östergårdsskolan, drama teacher
2017 The Swedish Armed Forces Halmstad, war exercise with the Home Guard, actors
2017 "How should I choose?", Norm-critical children's show, Landerydsskolan, actor
2017 Kulturmolan Halmstad, acting drama teacher during spring 2017, drama teacher
2016- 2017 Dramalogens Kulturhus, for people with mental illness, collaborative project with the Sos-ped foundation in Finland project manager
2016 Autumn holiday activity at Andersbergsskolan, drama teacher
2016 Halmstad Näringslivs Guldgala, creation of future costume for conferences, costume designer
2016 "Han Hon Hen", 10 norm-examiner-ws, Creative school Halmstad Municipality, drama teacher
2016 "Klas Klättermus", children's show Lyngåkraskolan Harplinge, drama teacher
2016 Söndrumsskolan - acting drama teacher
2016 "Han Hon Hen!", 11th norm-examiner-ws, Creative school Halmstad Municipality, drama teacher
2016 "ABC performance", children's performance about letters at Halmstad City Library, costume designer
2016 Friendship Ws, Breared's preschool class, drama teacher
2016 Drama-ws, Brunnsåkerskolan's preparatory classes, drama teacher
2016 ”Queer Up! - in wet and dry "Normundersökande-ws which was part of Kungsbacka municipality's" Queer Up! "- festival, drama teacher

2015 "Gallery Klo" Dramalogen's own gallery, founder and exhibition manager 
2015 “SIP-coordinating individual plan” creative seminar for the white-collar sector within the Coordinating Association. A total of nine occasions in Halland's six different municipalities, actors
2015 "How should I choose?" Norm-critical children's performance 27 performances in Halmstad municipality, actors and screenwriters

2015 "Children in Halland" creative seminar for various care agencies, actors
2015 "What we live for" Kulturskolan's Anniversary performance at Halmstad Arena, costume designer

2015 "Hi Space!" a musical about space Frösakullsskolan Halmstad, drama teacher
2015 "I do not dare to kiss her, because I do not want a princess" gender performance for children Halmstad City Library, screenwriter and actor
2015 "Being Ellen Benediktson" at Månteatern in Lund, actor
2015 Live chess pieces at the City Library in Halmstad, costume designer
2014 Ljusfesten Halmstad with Nolltrefem, costume designer
2014 "Hi Space!" a musical about space Snöstorpsskolan Halmstad, drama teacher
2014 Music video "Halmstad" Linnea Henriksson, creative production assistant
2013 Music video "Tell it" Skilla, screenwriter and director:

2013 Labor market unit Staffanstorp, unemployed young people into working life, drama teacher
2013 Live carousel, music competition, Studifrämjandet Malmö, conferences
2012 Music video "Wounded hearts" Skilla, set designer and costume designer:

2012 Östervångsskolan Lund, drama teacher
2011 and 2012 Månteatern Lund, actor improvisation
2011 GPS-new roads Svalöv, unemployed young people into working life, drama teacher
2010-2012 "Your Life Is Here" Malmö, founder, actor and producer. Improvisation theater where the audience takes part in the lives of famous people, a kind of live biography. Some of the guests who participated: Mikael Wiehe, Gudrun Schyman, KG-Hammar, Kajsa Ernst, Lars Vilks and others.
2010 and 2011 Banditteatern, Malmö, actor improvisation
2008-2010 Kunskapsskolan Lund, drama teacher
2008-2009 Kunskapsskolan Lund, art and design teacher
2008 Short film "Portable", actor zombie

Charlotte Libäck

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