Exhibition Lage Lindell 100 years

A memorial exhibition about Lage Lindell with works from Per Thornberg's own collection. Lage Lindell (1920 - 1980). Educated at the Academy of Fine Arts 1941 - 1946 with studies for Isac Grünewald, Sven X: et Erixson and Eric Grate. Study trips in Denmark, France, North Africa. Painters, illustrators and graphic artists who made mostly figures and landscapes, although he participated with the "concretists" […]

Dramalogen's art exhibition at Gallery 70

Dramalogen and Dramalogen's culture house had an exhibition at Gallery 70 8 February to 1 March. The galleries were flooded with paintings - installations - sculptures - photographs - poetry and music. Here are pictures from the Vernissage and the exhibition.  

Our room

Welcome to the Vernissage of "Our Rooms" In connection with the opening of Dramalogen's new premises, we have put together the art exhibition "Our Rooms" with artists in and around Dramalogen's cultural network. The artists have different backgrounds and work in different disciplines and with different techniques. You can see everything from pop-cultural musical works and subcultural model worlds to abstract […]

Johan Ahlström - Lgh 2302

Art in Halland's residence scholarship in Poland was awarded in 2017 to the artist Johan Ahlström. In the exhibition "Lgh 2302" he exhibits works produced at the art residence in Polish Oronsko and works based on themes that have come up and thoughts raised in connection with the trip. The works are presented "furnished" in Hamnmagasinet's gallery, where everyday objects become […]

International psychosis!

Welcome to INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOSIS! A psychosis is a mental condition that means that you get a changed perception of reality. The exhibition International Psychosis! wants to point out the different realities we all have, but also the challenges our world faces. Together with Halmstad Municipality, HFAB and the Multicultural Center, Botkyrka Municipality, we have developed a […]

The drama lodge at the Book Fair!

Meet the Dramalogen at the Book Fair, we are there to present the book about ourselves. We will be in booth B03: 61 see you there! For opening hours visit the fair website.  

Rolf's Exhibition

Rolf exhibits paintings painted in acrylic. Rolf is a multi-tasker in culture, he has also made himself known through his many and fine role interpretations in the theater group Stjärnan. The exhibition runs between April 26 and May 12

Vernissage “No limits”

Opening for the exhibition "No boundaries" at Gallery 70. On April 1 between 12 and 17 we have a vernissage in the "Empty Room" at Gallery 70. We are four artists who all work with painting in different styles and with different backgrounds. We have therefore chosen to call the exhibition "No boundaries". We take a course together […]

Mine, yours & our frame of reference

It is an attempt to explore the concept of "frame of reference". Hypothesis: "We all have one or perhaps more frames of reference in us, perhaps hidden to a large extent in the unconscious to feel them is complex and needs its fellow human being!" As I said, an attempt that requires your efforts!

Johan Ahlström

In recent years, the focus has been more on art exhibitions and art projects, including in collaboration with Halmstad Municipality and the Halland Region. I am educated in art and architecture and work with art pedagogical assignments in parallel with my own artistic activities which included sculpture, painting and installations. I also take on smaller architectural assignments and make building permit drawings, site analyzes, architectural illustrations, […]