Make your own song

Our view is that most children today only come into contact with music through a computer or TV screen, that music actually made by someone becomes very abstract. We want to give children today a chance to get close to music, experience music and above all create music. From writing a text to composing and playing […]

Rock Paper Scissors

Stone, scissors, bag - A musical for and with children. The performance takes you on an exciting journey that begins in the rocky stone age, crashes on to the bronze age to finally take the audience to the iron age - iron. At the different stops we will learn how life could take shape and how different innovations […]

Han Hon Hen!

What happens when you deviate from the norm or feel that you do not fit in? Who is one then? How can we create a future equal society where each person can make their choices based on their person and not based on their gender? "Han Hon Hen!" is a norm-critical workshop that examines how norms and gender roles affect our way of […]


ABC is an interactive performance about the desire to learn to read and write. We get to follow three letters during their adventurous journey where they together with the children try to build words and write a story together. Aimed at children of preschool age. Three actors Stage area 5 × 5 meters Blackout Max 60 children […]

Lilla Körslaget in Laholm

Lilla Körslaget Dramalogen made the Creative School project Lilla Körslaget at Glänningeskolan in the spring of 2016. All the school's children contributed and formed two rich choirs together. There was of course a concert in the summer sun with all the loved ones in the big […]