The seed capsule

Recycling workshop: Free creative workshops with zero new vision with the agricultural artists Hanna Hallén and Charlotte Libäck. We create together with sustainable thinking. Inspirational and educational workshops open to everyone. We are convinced that we do not need to buy anything new, as both cabinets, storage and containers in homes and companies are filled with exciting handicraft materials for us […]

Dramalogens mobile syjunta

What? We sew by hand in peace and quiet. We unwind with a needle in hand and create new life in worn-out garments. We use natural materials (to avoid the spread of microplastics) and discover new textile properties. A little coffee and new acquaintances make the craft extra fun. Where & when? Dramalogens mobile syjunta ko mmer […]

Free shop

About Dramalogen's free shop A free shop is an easy way to exchange things with each other! you can find useful things without paying for them.It's a kind of thrift store, with (mostly) Used goods, where everything is free.A free shop allows people to, over time, exchange goods without To mix in money. […]