Drive in festival

Dramalogen's association goes drive in concert! - line up - 13.00 Headons 14.00 Amanda Aasa 14.45 Hampus Carlsson 15.30 Miryu 16.15 Fågelvägen 17.15 Blomkattdansen 18.15 Honeyburst 19.15 Essa Cham + band times can, just like everything else in life, change a little. just what it sounds like. get in your car with your friends, drive […]


Come and experience fantastic music culture on different levels, directly from Helsinki. We have the honor to present 3 awesome acts that are on a joint tour of Sweden. 17.00 - HASSUT TASSUT Plays own and others' children's songs. Fun, creative and a bit childish. 18.00 - TAIKASYDÄN - OF LOVE AND LOVE FOR MUSIC Offers Finnish tango and hits when […]

Laura Cahen

Laura Cahen is a French singer-songwriter with a unique and captivating expression. At home in France, she is already an established name in her genre, but recently more and more people have started to open their ears to the wayward artist even outside the borders of their home country. Now she is coming to Sweden and Dramalogen for the first time in […]

A song for Life

When I was 10 years old, I sang "You must be there" in front of hundreds of students, teachers, parents and friends at Bräckaskolan's schoolyard in Fjärås. Every now and then I realized that the song will forever be my best friend. My refuge. My way of making myself heard and my way of processing. Music has a magical effect […]

Riff club

Now we run Riffclub At Dramalogen's culture house we play in bands. Welcome and join us! We produce songs we like together, rehearse and be inspired by our different experiences. Maybe you have your own written material or want to try writing your own songs? Here you can test them, get help to file on the finish […]

Musical evening

On Friday 22 March, a musical concert will be arranged at Dramalogen! Come and experience the musical's enchanting world together with four musical artists who all come from Halmstad. We promise you an evening with the best that the musical genre has to offer, from the strongest ballads to the finest duets and best ensemble numbers! The doors open at 18.30 19.00 starts […]

HalmstadGalan 2018 for Musikhjälpen

HalmstadGala at Kulturhuset Najaden on December 15 at 18:00, an evening full of music, meetings and people. Some of the participants are MILLA, HARPO, VON SICARDS, TEODOR EK, CHRISTOF JEPPSSON, ANNA LOVDAL, JOHAN LINDEGREN, DRAMALOGEN, ALEXANDER STRANDELL. The evening also offers guest performances from FunkisMello and a dance performance from Kulturskolan as well as an auction of unique objects donated by […]

Our best time is now

Do you ever get too old for love? Is one love the same as the other? And should one always put love first? With music by i.a. Ted Gärdestad, Povel Ramel, Lill-Babs and Jojje Wadenius tell a story about love and its many faces, performed by Eric Olsson, Aron Bjurström and Jim Andersson who all attended the artist training […]


A monologue performance by and with Anna Lovdal. 2015 is 100 years since Edith Piaf was born. In this performance, attention is drawn to her artistry and fascinating life story. Piaf was a driven woman, who went from the street to many of the finest scenes in the world. A woman who was both independent and dependent, confident and insecure. Pride […]