Now the Culture Marathon starts in Halmstad Facade projections, decorations and free art will visit the city during these three weeks. There will also be presented an ART WALK, or a sound, a walk with sound. With the help of QR codes, you will be able to listen to Halmstad-based artists and other voices portray exactly the place you are at. Do you not always have […]

Free Sculpture

From 26/10, we will be at Gallery 70, Skepparegatan 70 Halmstad. Our course on the theme of free sculpture, we work with sculptures in various materials. Here we explore the many different abilities of the materials. Mixes and combines without inhibitions. We will work with materials such as plaster, concrete, textile, papier maché, steel wire, plastic, wood etc. […]

Mixed Minds - Cultivation as a disorder

You should get to see a thing A mixture of dance, music, performance, film, objects and pictures But you should also be able to participate in a ritual You should not be drawn into something difficult or drawn up on a stage How should we express it ? What else is there for words? Community maybe It […]


Vernissage Saturday 21 September 16-19. Welcome to an exciting exhibition where 23 artists freely interpret the subject of sin, guilt and shame in the form of, among other things, sculptures, paintings and photographs. Here it is played with the meanings and swung with the words. What is seen as a sin today and can be shamelessly beautiful. Heavy words that can both grip […]

The printer's workshop Ordagrant

In the printer group, we test what you can do with words. We write short texts with the help of pictures, music and other things that create ideas. My name is Angelica Ahlefeldt-Laurvig and I hold Ordagrant. I am a writer, cultural journalist and educator at the folk high school in Halmstad. I fill my life to the best of my ability with art, theater, dance, literature, […]

Art - Painting

We have three opportunities a week where you can work with art, Wednesdays and Fridays 10.00 - 13.00 and Thursdays 18.00 - 21.00. Supervisors are Karin Collin and Ann-Magret Hägg. In a relaxed environment, we create images in different techniques, including drawing, acrylic, watercolor and collage, using various tools. We often work after […]


Sculpture / ceramics We work with a stoneware clay, which is very durable and good. Where there is room to dare and test. Different traditional techniques, curling, tumbling, additive and reversible way. Then we experiment happily and together find more ways to deal with clay. What do you do with clay? What should you do with clay? What may […]

Elli Hemberg - a seeker

On May 26 at Always on a Sunday, the Jazz musician and art critic Per Thornberg comes and tells about the artist Elli Hemberg (1896-1994) who was active for seven decades. We make some reflections in her creation where lectures are interspersed with live music on saxophone and piano.

Kirill Diomchev, Belarus, exhibits paintings, objects and installation at the Dramalogen

OPENING Kirill Diomchev, Belarus, exhibits painting, objects and installation at the Dramalogen in Halmstad. A special exhibition because he also has a performance that takes place all the time when the exhibition is open. Kirill is in her final year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vitebsk, Belarus. He is noticed in his home country, has won several awards. He had just before […]