Live broadcast from Ysby

Peter and Maggan have for a year invited to their home in Ysby and broadcast live every day at 11.00 in Dramalogens Aula on Facebook. Now they move to one day a week on Thursdays. But you can relive all of this year's broadcasts at the links below. Relive Peter and Maggan's live broadcasts on Facebook 2 […]

Dramalogen's auditorium - stuff on the internet in a COVID-XNUMX pandemic

Dramalogen's auditorium is a facebook group where small lectures, workshops and some useful information about yours and hers appear. We think that it is difficult to meet in our culture house activities during the current infection situation, but then we can be seen in the group Dramalogen's auditorium instead. As some kind of living space, a place for digital human warmth, […]


A fact-based lecture on the diagnosis borderline / emotionally unstable personality disorder. Lecturer Stella Vano-Ohlsson shares personal experiences of what it is like to have lived and to still live with the diagnosis. You can find Stella at Due to the Corona virus, we had to cancel the public performance, but it is filmed and you can see it here.

Coffee with jumps. Live!

Maggan Ek, Johan Lindegren and Charlotte Ek Virak talk about everyone's right to be heard, about everyone's right to be a citizen and about Dramalogen's work with Variabeln - a functional magazine. Everything in Harplinge parish yard on 5 Feb at 18.30 pm. Welcome!


In the waiting times… We offer KulturJulKaffe Come and talk, soak up, enjoy and share culture with us at Dramalogen. On Monday 9 December at 14.00, there will be GoeFika with us and you are invited. Bring someone you think should come. OSA no later than 4 Dec to Maggan Ek - 0706-061969 - Dramalogen Larsfridsvägen 9

Always on a Sunday

Come together day!

An opportunity to meet others on Sweden's most closed day.
We are all different but have the same need for community. Coffee is promised.


Summer flea market

Now it's time for the summer flea market at Dramalogen on Saturday 18 May between 10.00-14.00! Come and find among a lot of treasures in a wonderful creative environment! Of course, a lot of other delights are also offered in the form of music and art. You just must not miss this !!! Are you interested in booking […]

Culture Night 2018

Culture Night 2018 On September 22, there will be an enchanted night in Halmstad, where anything can happen. With luminous mushrooms, a sculpture park, music and lots of culture, magic is created for the whole family, on and around Österskans. The event will have a different structure, compared to previous years. There will be a greater breadth in the number of cultural forms, but […]

Inauguration and open house

Welcome to the inauguration and open house at Dramalogen's new headquarters on Saturday 21 April! Then there is also a vernissage for the exhibition "Our Rooms"

Everyone has a voice

This year we work according to the theme everyone has one vote and is in full swing making videos so that as many as possible will take part and vote in the 2018 election.