Welcome to Dramalogen

Dramalogen is an umbrella for free cultural creators and part of Halmstad municipality under the Cultural Administration.

With culture as a tool, we work for increased dialogue and sustainable democracy. Read more…

Dramalogen, part of Halmstad municipality


Dramalogen's culture house opens up a little cautiously this summer for activities on site at Dramalogen again, all information can be found in the culture house's schedule.
Information in many different languages ​​about Covid-19 is available at folkhalsomyndigheten.se

Dramalogens Aula on Facebook is our digital meeting place, where there have been live broadcasts and much more. Join the group and join!

Corona shipment from Ysby
  • Livestreamas in Dramalogens Aula
  • Mondays and Thursdays
  • at 17.00 - 18.00
  • A radio program in Halmstad local radio 88,6
  • 7 - 27 September
  • Halmstad
Dramalogen's auditorium - stuff on the internet in a COVID-XNUMX pandemic
  • Dramalogen's auditorium is a facebook group with live streaming etc.
Premiere of "Everyone has their Inferno"
Dramalogen's art exhibition at Gallery 70
  • See photos from the exhibition that took place February 8 - March 1
Death goes to funeral
  • A murder mystery for sitting dinner
Coffee with hope
  • Peder Jarnvall (pastor of Harplinge-Steninge pastorate, Halland) holds conversations with profiled guests and has a coffee with hope where the participants can speak to the point.
Is it blooming?
  • Garden friends Tony Johansson and Peter Bengtsson offer flower talk.

The Dramalogerna

Maggan Ek

Director, screenwriter, educator, producer and visual artist

Peter Bengtsson


Rebecca Sellergren

Conferences, Moderator, Actor

Charlotte Ek Virack

project manager, educator, theater

Roger Westerberg

Photography, music, web design and film.

Kevin Tullgren

Actor, artist, cultural consultant and conferences

Modesty Sofronenkoff

Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Music

Charlotte Libäck

Drama teacher and actor

Karin Collin

Artist and behavioral scientist

Wolfgang Dreyer-Suhr

Artist and Designer

Linnea Ytterlid

Actress, Director, Drama Educator, Dancer

Magnus Sjöbleke

Artist, Illustrations, Art Education Sculpture, Cultural Journalist, Pop Music, Performance, Art Gallery, Poetry

Anna Ahnstedt Mitle

Vice artist, actor, project manager, producer, educator

Rickard Fredborg

Performances, lectures and teaching etc.

Angelica Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Author, cultural journalist and educator.

Eric Olsson

Musical artist, actor, singer and theater educator

Anders Nilsson

Integration work - From escape to the future and Artist

Johan Lindegren

Actor, Editor-in-Chief of Variabeln

Monica Christoffersson

Singing teacher, singer and show artist

Jonas Börjesson

Filmmaker, video artist, concert organizer

John-Wilhelm Pahlm

Project manager, producer, organizer, conferences, musicians

Mahdi Afzali

Artist, sculptor

Johan Ahlström

Artist, illustrator

Rasmus Dangardt

cultural consultant, musician, filmmaker, photographer, actor

Ronja Möller

Estradpoet, actress, cultural educator

Mohumed Diab

choreographer, dancer, actor, interpreter, integration worker

Souhib Alhassan

Actor, singer and integration communicator


The waiting room

Theater group

2 Crazy Cats



An incomparable dance band


Become a star for one night